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<br /> ORDINANCE NO. 1500 <br /> SERIES 2006 <br /> AN ORDINANCE REPEALING AND REENACTING CHAPTER 3.26 OF THE <br /> LOUISVILLE MUNICIPAL CODE REGARDING TELEPHONE UTILITIES TAX. <br /> WHEREAS, the City of Louisville wishes to revise its telephone utilities tax provisions as <br /> provided herein; and <br /> WHEREAS, the City has determined that it is in the best interest of the citizens of the City to <br /> amend the Louisville Municipal Code as set forth herein below. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br /> OF LOUISVILLE, COLORADO: <br /> Section 1. Chapter 3.26 of the Louisville Municipal Code is hereby repealed and <br /> reenacted to read as follows (words to be added are underlined; words to be deleted are stricken <br /> through): <br /> Chapter 3.26 <br /> TELEPHONE UTILITIES TAX <br /> Sec. 3.26.010. Tax imposed. Legislative intent. <br /> Sec. 3.26.020. Effective date. Definitions. <br /> Sec. 3.26.030. Filing statement of service. Tax imposed. <br /> Sec. 3.26.040. Failure to pay. Effective date. <br /> Sec. 3.26.050. Penalty. Filing statement of service. <br /> Sec. 3.26.060. Inspection of records. Failure to pay. <br /> Sec. 3.26.070. Local purpose. Penalty. <br /> Sec. 3.26.080. Inspection of records. <br /> Sec. 3.26.090. Local purpose. <br /> Sec. 3.26.010. Le2islative intent. <br /> The City Council does hereby find, determine and declare as follows: <br /> A. The operations oftelephone utility companies involve substantial use ofthe <br /> public streets and rights-of-way, frequent excavations in the public streets and rights- <br /> of-way, and the regular installation, maintenance and repair of many poles, lines and <br /> cables in, under, and above the public streets and rights-of-way. <br /> B. The operations of telephone utility companies place a substantial burden on <br /> the City in its efforts to provide for the public safety, and efficiently maintain and <br /> 1 <br />